Thermal Spray

What is Thermal Spraying?

Thermal spraying refers to a process that applies a coating - most often a metal alloy, carbide or ceramic (that may vary in thickness) onto a substrate through the projection of a molten stream of the material.

Invented in the early 1900s, thermal spraying was a very simple process and was generally used to perform very basic mechanical repairs. Over the last century, the technology has undergone rapid growth and development, and today, thermal spraying has become a very powerful tool, finding a wide range of applications in virtually every industry.

Surcotec is constantly reviewing its processes to ensure that OEM and end-user customers receive a cost-effective, top quality service using the latest technologies available.

Value to Surcotec Customers

OEM customers benefit through the use of thermal spray coatings that improve the wear and corrosion resistance of critical surfaces in the equipment they supply, thereby extending the service life and reducing the lifecycle cost of their equipment.

For end-user customers, Surcotec's thermal spray coatings are used to refurbish components subjected to degradation by wear, corrosion, oxidation or cavitation, all of which result in reduced service life. This process improves the performance and extends the service life of components.

Surcotec's leading coating technology solutions also make it possible to modify the surface of engineering components to provide unique functional properties, such as non-stick, low or high friction, and electrical or thermal insulation.

What are the Benefits of  Thermal Spray Coatings?

  • Extended service life through the restoration of worn components to original dimensions
  • Increased wear resistance against erosion, abrasion and sliding
  • Increased resistance to cavitation
  • Increased resistance to chemicals and corrosion
  • Increased resistance to high temperatures and oxidation
  • Increased traction

What Surcotec Offers

Surcotec leads the field in providing advanced thermal spray coating solutions, and our team is well qualified to provide customers with a wide range of specialised industrial coatings.

Prior to the coating process, surface preparation is essential to ensure a quality finished product. This process could require pre-machining to remove damage, cleaning, de-greasing and surface roughening using a variety of grit blasting techniques able to handle varying component sizes and geometries.

Surcotec's thermal spray processes include: 

  • High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF)
  • Plasma spray
  • Electric arc spray
  • Combustion wire spray
  • Powder flame spray
  • Spray and Fuse

Surcotec Equipment - Spraying Section

  • 1x Tafa JP5000 HP-HVOF system
  • 1 x Tafa ST4000 Portable HP-HVOF system
  • 1x Sulzer Metco 9M/3MB/11MB plasma spray system
  • 3 x Tafa 8830 Arc Spray Systems

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