The Company

Surcotec (Pty) Ltd. is an engineering company situated in South Africa’s Western Cape Province that provides customers with thermal spray coatings, specialised welding services and coatings for specific applications.

Surcotec offers extensive maintenance and repair on industrial components which have been damaged by wear and corrosion, and can be repaired through either Thermal Spraying and Plasma Transferred Arc cladding. Thermal sprayed coatings deliver some of the most cost effective options to restore components and extend the life of components. Our specialty services are offered to OEMs and end-users.

Surcotec is the oldest established thermal spray coating company in the Western Cape, with a custom-built operational facility (1000 m2). It is technically well established having evolved from the Barloworld group at the Caterpillar dealership. The company was bought by its present owners in 2000 and amalgamated in 2015 with Thermaspray and continues to grow from strength to strength as Southern Africa’s technology leader in the field of thermal spray coatings.

At Surcotec, we value the trust placed in us by our customers, and take pride in partnering with them by providing a range of world-class professional and precision surface engineering services integral to the success and reputations of their businesses.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, our team has the necessary experience and expertise, locally and internationally, to offer a superior quality fully comprehensive round-the-clock services. Surcotecy is also an Eskom Level 2 Nuclear Supplier.

Safety First

  • Thermal spraying is classified as a hazardous process and, because safety is a high priority at Surcotec, we adhere strictly to applicable environmental, health and safety legislation. 
  • Our dedication and commitment to consistently delivering a world-class range of quality services are underpinned by our ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification.
  • Not only have we made a significant investment in the tools and technology of our trade, we have also invested in the up-skilling of our 25-strong staff, and are proud of the diverse skills that we offer our customers.

We are constantly reviewing processes to ensure that our customers receive a cost-effective, top quality service using the latest technologies available.

Surcotec is a Level 2 B-BBEE Company. Our Current Status: B-BBEE RATING: LEVEL 2 CONTRIBUTOR.   
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