A Leading Supplier of Thermal Spray Coatings and Specialised Welding Services

Surcotec, offers a comprehensive range of thermal spray coating products and services to OEM clients and end-users, irrespective of size. As the market leader in the Western Cape, our wealth of expertise in metal coatings and mechanical component refurbishing, puts Surcotec in a prime position to offer superb coating and engineering solutions for a wide spectrum of industry requirements and applications.

Surcotec is a Level 2 B-BBEE Company. Our Current Status: B-BBEE RATING: LEVEL 2 CONTRIBUTOR.   
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A joint venture signed in April 2015 Surcotec and Johannesburg-based Thermaspray, extended the coating engineering capabilities of both companies across the Southern African market.

We work closely together with our sister company, and our diverse engineering capabilities and skills provide industrial-grade services thermal spray, and Plasma Transferred Arc coating services that are specifically engineered to meet all of our customers' requirements.

Surcotec strives to be a turnkey supplier to customers by combining a wide variety of surface engineering processes with support finishing capabilities, such as:

  • Machining and diamond grinding
  • On-site machining
  • Super-finishing

We are committed to remaining at the forefront of global surface engineering innovations and technologies through:

  • Extensive maintenance, refurbishment and repair options on industrial components that have been damaged by wear and corrosion.
  • Restoring and extending the service life of components with Surcotec’s specialised services.


We have the tools and skill sets necessary to engineer a coating solution to meet your needs.
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