Surcotec offers extensive maintenance and repair of industrial components that have been damaged in service by by all forms of wear, including friction, erosion and corrosion, or cavitation.

From the repair of worn areas to the dimensional restoration of mis-machined parts, components can be repaired through thermal spraying, laser cladding, Plasma Transferred Arc or polymer-based coatings.

Surcotec's high performance surface engineering services aim to refurbish original components to an “as new” state. A carefully selected and correctly applied surface coating or overlay, such as pure metals, alloys, ceramics, carbides or polymers will improve the performance and service lifetime of components.

Surcotec delivers cost-effective and solution-driven options to restore and extend the service life of components in all industries.

It is often possible to provide a “better than new” component through the analysis of the degradation mechanism and the selection of an appropriate coating or overlay designed to combat that degradation.

For over 15 years, Surcotec has provided a broad range of services that support the requirements of development and maintenance engineers in various industries.

With this calibre of experience, Surcotec provides customers with the best technologies and the most economic solutions for their routine, custom or emergency requirements.

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